Quality Assurance

Provision of Resources

Determine and provide the resources needed to implement and maintain quality management.

Human Resources

Employ competent personnel, based on appropriate education. Identify employee training needs, implement and evaluate.

Define the responsibilities and authority of staff at all levels

Maintain buildings, workspace, equipment and support services

Work Environment

Manage and maintain in accordance with Health and Safety requirements

Customer Focus

Ensure that customer requirements are determined and fulfilled:

  • customer service to SLA standards
  • customer satisfaction and feedback - review, analysis, implement preventive and corrective action
  • performance monitoring - review, analysis, implement preventive and corrective action

Best Practice

Ensure all operating procedures and processes are documented and implemented. Review, analyse and continuously improve.

Ensure suppliers deliver high quality, competitively priced goods to pre-agreed process controlled standards.

Handling, Storage, Packaging and Delivery

Ensure delivery methods prevent product damage.

Management Reviews

Document and review all reports and trends related to the overall state of the quality system. Implement preventive and corrective action based on appropriate recommendations.

Brandz strives to meet and surpass our clients’ needs by delivering the highest quality products and services on time and competitively priced. Brandz accomplishes this by listening to and understanding our clients’ needs and matching them with continuously improved products and services.

Brandz Operations Manager is responsible for ensuring that the quality assurance policy is understood, implemented, maintained and documented at all levels. This is achieved through one-on-one and/or group training of all employees.

When a new product, project or contract is evaluated for adoption into Brandz quality system, the appropriate staff members meet to define and document how the requirements for quality assurance will be met. An assessment is prepared of the impact that new products, projects or contracts will have on the following resources:

  • Information Technology
  • Documentation
  • Equipment
  • Human Resources
  • Quality Audits