When you’re out shopping, you’ll probably be spoilt for choice with the variety of product colours available. From mugs to sports bottles to pens, there are so many different shades for you to choose from.

This can also be said for the promotional products industry. A single pen can come in loads of different colours and shades and these are often referred to as ‘Pantone colours’ or ‘Pantone numbers’.

What are Pantone numbers?

Pantone is a company that assigns individual numbers to colours, so they can be easily identified. They store these colours in their database of over 1000 shades, which is used by loads of different industries all over the world.

Pantone was founded in 1963 as a way to provide accurate colour matches in the graphic arts industry. Nowadays, it has grown into a global organisation that is used by designers, manufacturers and retailers in over 100 countries.

How to use Pantone numbers

If you’re designing a logo for your company, you might decide you’d like it to be a shade of green. You could then use the Pantone database and look up the Pantone numbers for green to find the perfect shade.

Picking out a specific Pantone reference number for your company logo ensures that your colour is always consistent. That way, if you’re looking for some branded products to promote your business, we at Brandz can ensure that they are made in a matching pantone colour to your logo.

This helps to create a solid identity for your brand, while also making your company look sleek and professional. For example, many of us associate a certain shade of red with Coca-Cola, or a certain shade of blue with Facebook, so picking the right colour can be really important to your brand’s image.

Using Pantone numbers in your promotional products

When it comes to promotional products, there is a huge range of options available to you. Why not try some custom Pantone mugs or branded drinkware for the office, or hand out some custom pens at your next event with your company’s Pantone colour numbers perfectly matched?

You could even match the Pantone number of your logo on branded products to use as corporate gifts for clients or business partners.

We’re here to help!

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