Freshers Week is a fantastic time to promote your business at universities across the country. For those not in the know, Freshers Week is usually the first week of a new university year, when the new students are encouraged to attend various events to meet new friends and find out what’s on offer.

If you’re thinking of using Freshers Week to promote your business, a Freshers Fair is the perfect place. A stall at a Freshers Fair is sure to get loads of traffic as students wander round in search of free giveaways, so it’s important to really think about which branded items to hand out.

We’ve gathered together some of our favourite promotional products for students for you to use as inspiration for your next Freshers Fair, to make sure you’ve got the best Freshers Fair freebies to draw the crowds and spread the word about your brand.

1. Bottle opener

A bottle opener is sure to see lots of use in a student household, meaning lots of exposure for your branding. Bottle openers are a great example of a promotional product that’s fun as well as useful, which is a great way of making sure your giveaways are not just kept but also well used.

You could even go that little bit further by handing out combined bottle opener and pizza cutter products, for really unique promotional giveaways.

2. T-shirts

Although a T-shirt may not be the most cutting-edge promotional product for a university student, they’re certainly popular every year. T-shirts have a large print area for your branding and are a firm favourite for businesses such as clubs, bars and gyms.

3. Academic diaries

As well as socialising and partying, university students will also have to do some studying! To help them plan their busy schedule of lectures, library sessions, exams and nights out, try using branded academic diaries as part of your giveaways.

4. Edible giveaways

One of the most surefire ways to attract students to your stall at a Freshers event is with free promotional food. From individually wrapped biscuits and chocolates to branded bags of popular sweets, there are loads of ways to entice an audience with your edible freebies. Plus, students will always be grateful for free food!

5. Stress products

Although university life can be loads of fun, students also have to submit essays and take exams during their degree. Make sure you’ve got them covered in stressful situations by handing out promotional stress products in a variety of fun shapes and sizes, all featuring your company logo.

6. Travel mugs and cups

Ensure students are ready for their early morning lectures by handing out some branded travel mugs or cups at your Freshers events. Perfect for getting a caffeine fix the morning after a night out or after a late library session, these promotional drinkware products are available in a huge range of stylish designs and colours.

7. Speakers

If you’re really looking to make a lasting impression, appeal to your young audience with really high-tech event giveaways like portable Bluetooth speakers. Perfect for parties or relaxing study sessions, these speakers are sure to be a Freshers Fair giveaway that is not easily forgotten.

8. Power banks

An essential for busy students, promotional power banks will keep students connected at all times. They won’t have to worry about their devices running low on battery meaning they can focus on their studies. You can find power banks in a wide range of shapes and designs, and can Pantone match the colours to your branding.

9. Earphones

Promotional earphones will certainly come in handy for students and are a great way to showcase your brand. Whether they are walking to lectures or studying in the library, students will remember your business every time they listen to their favourite songs.

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