When planning your company’s marketing strategy, one of your top priorities is appealing to the right audience. Your business sector plays a huge role in this and can have a big effect on the ways you promote your brand.

If you’re looking to use promotional products in your next marketing campaign, or you’d like to hand them out as event giveaways, tailoring them to your sector will help your branding reach the right people.

Think of your audience

One of the most important ways to appeal to your audience with your promotional products is to make sure that they are useful. However, what might be useful to one business sector may not be useful to another.

For example, promotional products for schools may include branded sports equipment like footballs, or promotional colouring pencils for children to use. These promotional products, while great for the educational or childcare sector, would not be well-suited to an audience of construction experts.

A great way to choose sector-specific promotional products is to think of the types of products that would come in handy to your audience on a day-to-day basis. If your target audience is based in an office environment, promotional drinkware items like mugs would be useful.

Alternatively, if you’re a sports brand looking to appeal to an active audience, promotional products such as pedometers, sports bottles and gym bags would attract the right kind of clients.

Think of your brand

When planning your promotional products, think about your brand identity and purpose. With branded merchandise, the main focus is to promote your business, but the type of products you choose can really affect how you do this.

If your brand image is fun and colourful, pick up some promotional products to reflect that. You could choose some novelty promotional lifestyle items like puzzles, games or even bubble blowers featuring your branding.

Or, if your brand image is more corporate, like a law firm or finance company, choosing mature and sophisticated promotional products would attract the right kind of clients.

The way you market your brand should be relevant to your sector, but also stand out a little to grab people’s attention. If you’re unsure how to get the balance right, have a look at how other businesses in your sector market themselves to get some ideas that you can adapt to suit your branding.

Which promotional products are right for you?

To make your life a little easier, we’ve compiled some products that we think would work well in certain industries or sectors.

Promotional products for Accountancy, Banking and Finance

If your business falls into this sector, you’ll want your promotional products to reflect that you are a mature, professional and a trustworthy brand.

Our ideas:

Promotional products for Charities

Whether you’re a charitable organisation or just looking to raise money for a charity close to your heart, promotional products are a great way to generate lots of awareness. What’s more, you can find lots of promotional products that are relatively cheap in price so you can still make a big impact.

Our ideas:

  • Brightly coloured promotional pens

  • Promotional keyrings

  • Promotional tote bags

Promotional products for Creative Arts and Design

A creative industry needs creative promotional products to attract attention. Try to use your imagination when deciding on products and don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Our ideas:

  • Promotional Rubik’s cubes

  • Promotional jigsaw puzzles

  • Promotional bubble blowers

Promotional products for Education

Depending on what your target audience is, primary schools, universities, teachers etc., there is a huge variety of products that would appeal to this sector.

Our ideas:

  • Promotional colouring sets

  • Promotional freshers week kits

  • Promotional stationery sets

Promotional products for Healthcare

When choosing promotional products for the medical industry, try to come up with lasting products that professionals would find useful to get the most impressions for your business.

Our ideas:

  • Promotional fob watches

  • Promotional hand sanitiser

  • Promotional first aid kits

Promotional products for Hospitality and Catering

There are loads of products that would come in handy for businesses in this industry, from small cafes to large chain hotels so there are plenty of options for you.

Our ideas:

  • Promotional robes and slippers

  • Promotional toiletries

  • Promotional notepads

Promotional products for Information Technology

Since the IT industry is all about technology, this would be a great place to use high-tech products and promotional gadgets to appeal to those in this sector.

Our ideas:

Promotional products for Law

The legal industry is full of important dates and documents, so promotional stationery products would be a good fit, as well as organisational items.

Our ideas:

Promotional products for Leisure, Sport and Tourism

If you’re trying to appeal to active or sports brands, or you are one yourself, promotional lifestyle products with a sports focus would be ideal.

Our ideas:

Promotional products for Marketing, Advertising and PR

This industry can be very high-intensity, but also creative and fun, so there’s lots of choices when thinking about promotional products.

Our ideas:

Promotional products for Property and Construction

Professionals in this industry are often out at different sites or developments, so they’re on the move a lot. There’s also a lot of practical work involved so promotional products that can be used on a daily basis are the most beneficial.

Our ideas:

  • Promotional tape measure

  • Promotional tools

  • Promotional pencils

Contact us

If you’d like to find out more about which products would suit your chosen sector, get in touch with a member of our team. They will be able to talk you through all your options and help to create a bespoke package of branded merchandise that’s just right for you and your business.