Promotional pens have long been a favourite product for generating brand awareness. As well as being handy, branded pens are also cost effective and great for spreading the word about your business.

We’ve come up with some ideas for where to use your promotional pens for maximum impact, so you can really get the most out of them.

Event giveaways

A pretty popular use for promotional pens is as free giveaways at events and trade shows. These useful stationery items last for ages and can be taken anywhere, meaning loads of exposure for your brand.

Pick up some cheap branded pens in a rainbow of colours to entice potential customers to your stall.

Client meetings

Whether the meeting is at your offices or someone else’s, stocking up on personalised pens is sure to make your team look professional and give off the right impression to your clients and business partners.

Check out promotional metal pens with a sleek design and plenty of room for your company logo for something contemporary and stylish.

Around the office

Refresh your office stationery with some branded pens with your company logo for your employees. These handy pens are sure to get used every day, and will also make your office look unified and professional to visitors.

A few of these pens might even make it home with your employees, meaning more potential impressions for your business.


Make sure your conference team is well-equipped with plenty of pens featuring your branding to take with them. Not only will this enable them to take important notes at talks and events, it will also spread the word about your business.

Corporate gifts

You could also use branded pens as useful corporate gifts for your clients, business partners or even to celebrate outstanding performance among your employees.

For a really special gift, get your branding engraved on Sheaffer, Pierre Cardin or Parker pens for a touch of luxury and a thoughtful gift to make your business even more memorable.

The perfect pens for you!

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