The latest UK headlines this week have been filled with details of a welcome government campaign to encourage organisations to provide free water in all major English towns and cities by 2021 in an effort to curb plastic waste on land and in the seas.

The government environmental initiative run by Water UK has been welcomed by many shops, cafes offering free water refill points, aiming to minimise sales of single use plastic bottles which are a large contributor to plastic waste.

One organisation already on board with the initiative is Whitbread, which owns Costa Coffee and Premier Inn.  They will provide water in all of its branches from March 2018.  Refill stations and public fountains can be found via an app or window signs directing people to their nearest fountain.  Many more organisations are set to become involved as the initiative rolls out.

The scheme will see a growing trend in consumers carrying their own refillable bottles about their person, prepared for every ‘filling station’ opportunity.  This will not only help the environment, but also save the consumer money after 1 or 2 refills.  Although sports bottles have been commonly used by gym-goers and sports enthusiasts, styles and shapes of refill bottles are aplenty, with a bottle to suit every purpose.  From bottles with carry straps and handles, to foldable bottles, or even filter bottles, there are many options to save the need to buy single use bottles and help curb plastic waste.

For companies and brand owners wishing to support this initiative and help cut plastic waste, why not consider branded refillable bottles as a fantastic and incredibly useful promotional giveaway?  Not only will your brand be seen time and again with every use, but you are also helping (and helping others do their bit for) the environment.

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